A Branding Option for Your Weight Room

Lettering and Logos on Bumper Plates

Nearly everything in a weight room carrys the school's brand/name from wall graphics to inlaid platforms. Now consider the school logo or lettering on bumper plates.

A strength coach should understand that silk screening or traditional paint color infills do not last on a bumper plate, as the rubber moves in all three X/Y/Z directional planes. With Uesaka's lasering method, a special dye solution allows movement with the rubber as it displaces. We are the only company using this process with our lasering system. Uesaka also offers its patent-pending Rubber Infusion Lettering (RIL) system. Color is infused into the rubber lettering or logo at the time the bumper plate is made. This is the best permanent fix or solution to lettering on bumper plates. Since the rubber is part of the plate, it cannot rub off, peal, or fade.

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